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When the time comes for a new roof, the options include reroofing or a complete tear-off and roof replacement. At Residence Roofing, we have more than three decades of experience with roof replacement and reroofing in West Palm Beach, Fort Myers, Orlando, and beyond. We offer honest advice backed by extensive experience, top-notch work, and fair pricing. 

The Reroofing Process 

Eventually, every roof will wear out and the time will come for an update. The first decision that will need to be made is whether you should opt for roof replacement or reroofing. The reroofing process for your home or business involves installing a new layer of shingles over your existing asphalt shingle roof without tearing off the entire roof and replacing it. 

The benefits of reroofing include: 

  • A faster process
  • Less expensive than full roof replacement
  • Improved insulation 
  • Stops small leaks from becoming larger issues 
  • Boosts curb appeal 
  • Increases property value 
  • Eco-friendly since shingles are not dumped in a landfill 

Reroofing is only possible if you have one layer of shingles on your existing roof. If the house had reroofing in the past and you already have two layers of shingles, reroofing will not be possible. In addition, reroofing is not recommended when there are existing problems, such as roof sagging, rot, severe roof damage, or significant leaks. 

Full Roof Replacement 

Roof replacement involves completely tearing off the existing roof down to the roof deck. If reroofing is not possible, due to the condition of the existing roof or damage to the roof deck, full roof replacement will solve these problems. The existing roof is completely removed, along with any rot. A roof replacement is more expensive but it will last longer than reroofing. 

Roof damage is not the only reason some homeowners prefer full roof replacement. Reroofing is great when you just want to throw down another layer of shingles. However, if you want to change the type of roof, such as metal or tile roofing, roof replacement offers more options for your new roofing materials. 

Whether you need reroofing or full roof replacement, you need a qualified roofing contractor with extensive experience to make sure the work is done right. Improper installation of your new roof will leave your home more vulnerable to water infiltration, and storm damage, and may shorten the life of your roof. Experienced roofers complete your roof installation to all code requirements with quality workmanship. 

If you have questions about roof replacement or reroofing, please contact us at (833) 585-2383 for expert advice. 

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The professional roofers at Residence Roofing can meet with you and provide a free roof inspection. We will discuss the options that are available for roof replacement and reroofing in West Palm Beach for your property and provide a free estimate, so you can determine the best method for your situation. Whether we are reroofing or providing a full roof replacement, you can expect superior service at every stage of the process. 

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