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Residence Roofing is a local roofing company offering services for multi-family property roofing in West Palm Beach, Fort Myers, Orlando, and beyond. We have more than 31 years of experience providing roofing installation, repair, and replacement services for apartments, condominiums, duplexes, and townhouses. We work with property owners, building managers, and local homeowner’s associations to protect and maintain their buildings. 

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Multi-Family Property Roofing Installation & Replacement 

The roof on your multi-family property protects against the harsh sun, strong rains, and severe storms that are so common in our area of the country. A high-quality roof that is in good condition is essential for property maintenance. Over time, the roofing materials can wear out or become damaged due to exposure to the elements and storms. 

Here are some clues that it’s time for a new roof: 

  • Aging roofing materials – The age of the roof is among the most common reasons for roof replacement. The length of time a roof can be expected to last depends on the materials, since some types of roofing last longer than others. 
  • Premature roof failure – Age alone is not the only consideration. A roof may fail prematurely for a number of reasons, such as improper installation and neglected maintenance. When a roof is not properly installed, it can shorten its lifespan. 
  • Deterioration or damage – Pay attention to the roof for signs of deterioration, such as missing shingles or roof tiles, curling or buckling roof shingles, granules in the gutters, or broken roof tiles or shingles. 
  • Multiple leaks – A roof leak can often be repaired. However, if the roof has multiple leaks or damage to the underlayment or roof deck, you may need to replace the roof. 
  • Repeated repairs – Has your roof been repaired more than once in the last couple of years? Rather than continuing to spend money on repairs, it may be more cost-effective to replace the roof. 

Whether you need West Palm Beach multi-family property roof installation or replacement, there are a wide variety of options for quality roofing materials. Asphalt shingles, metal roofing, or tile roofing is available in colors and styles to match the architectural style of any building. 

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Multi-Family Roof Repair

A problem with the roof on your apartment building, duplex, or condominium does not automatically require replacing the entire roof. As long as the roof is otherwise in good condition, many problems can be solved with professional roof repair. 

Roof repair service is available for: 

  • Storm damage
  • Roof leaks 
  • Hole patching 
  • Algae growth 
  • Loose shingles 

Property maintenance is an essential job for a multi-family property owner or manager. When taking care of property maintenance, do not overlook the roof. Periodic roof inspections and maintenance help to catch problems early, which can lengthen the life of the roof and prevent property damage. 

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Whether you need West Palm Beach multi-family property roof installation, repair, or replacement, our professional roofers offer quality services, honest advice, and fair pricing. We offer free roof inspections and free estimates for roof replacement and installations. 

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